Sell, Trade, Consign

Sell, Trade, Consign

How does The Attic's "Sell, Trade + Consign" process work?

It's easy! Bring in clothes anytime up to one hour before closing - no appointment necessary! For items we can buy outright we offer 30% of our selling price in cash, or 55% of the price in store credit, and you don't have to wait until the items sell. We give you cash or store credit as soon as we price your items. (PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only offering our consignment option) Items that we are not able to buy outright from you we may be able to consign! We offer the seller 50% of the selling price when the item sells. Your consignment items are on the floor for 60 days. If they sell within 60 days, we will mail you a check 2-4 weeks after your expiration or you can spend your consignment earnings in STORE CREDIT! If your items do not sell, you can pick them up on or before your expiration date, or we will recycle your items for you. Please keep in mind, we do ask that any items not chosen for resale or consignment be picked up by closing the day of drop-off. This is due to the high number of sellers per day and our low storage space.

In order to sell, trade, or consign, we require that you are over 18 years of age with valid government issued photo i.d. Sorry, no exceptions. This is for tax and documentation purposes only and your information will not be sold or shared with other companies.

How much will my things sell for?

Our prices range widely depending on the label, style, condition and other factors. Most items price between $5 and $20. Designer jeans and purses are higher in price, but our prices are far lower than retail.

For example, if we can purchase a pair of jeans outright from you and we price them at $14, you can take $4.20 in cash or $7.70 in store credit. If we are able to consign that same item and price those jeans at $14 you would receive $7 when the item sells.

When can I sell my items?

We buy daily, without appointments, from opening until one hour before closing. Depending on how much you bring in at a time, and how many people have dropped off items before you, it may take us anywhere from 5 minutes to one to two hours to go through your clothes.

You don't have to wait while we evaluate your clothes - you can shop around or just drop them off, as long as you return by closing that same day. We return any items we can not resell or consign to you. Please note that if you are not present when we review your items, we will price and put the items we can resell or consign out for sale immediately. If you would like to know which items we are purchasing from you, you must be present when we review your items. Please inform the buyer of your desire to be present during the buying process or if you have high end items that you are concerned with pricing on when you drop off your items.

Items not selected for resale or consignment will be recycled if not retrieved by the closing time. This is due to restrictions on storage space and the volume of clothing that we receive. The Attic can donate items we are not able to resell at your request, please note The Attic does not supply tax donation receipts.

How much can I bring in?

We accept no more than 2 large garbage bag sized bags to sell. If you are bringing in jewelry, we ask that you limit it to approximately 50 pieces. We reserve the right to reject anything on hangers, in boxes, suitcases, or plastic totes. This is due to our low storage space and high volume of sellers.

What are you looking for?

The Attic buys young, modern styles from the last two seasons in excellent condition and vintage styles that mimic current trends. We buy men's and women's junior and adult sizes, in addition to shoes, purses, belts, accessories, Halloween costumes, costume jewelry, and vintage collectibles. We also buy swimwear, athletic wear and lingerie. We do not buy children's clothing, maternity wear, or wedding/bridesmaid dresses.

Inventory levels

Because of the large number of items we receive on a daily basis, our current inventory levels have a large impact on how selective we have to be. If we are overstocked in a certain department, we will need to be more selective when taking in those items and vice versa. As of 8/14/18, we are in need of: men's/women's long sleeves, earrings, fall jackets, fall sweaters, and Halloween costumes. WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING IN: men's and women's swim suits

Buying Schedule:

January 1st Buying Winter, No longer buying winter coats.
February 1st Buying SPRING.
March 1st Buying SPRING & SUMMER.
August 1st Buying FALL & Buying COSTUMES.
Aug 15th Buying FALL.
Oct 1st Buying FALL, WINTER & Holiday Collectibles.


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